2 Way Voice Security Systems

Direct two-way voice communication with the central monitoring station means that 24/7 help is standing by when you need it, and it will reduce false alarms.

The state-of-the-art alarm systems feature instantaneous, two-way audio alarm communication with our monitoring station through built-in, high quality speakers and microphones on your keypad. In the event that your alarm is triggered, an alarm signal is immediately sent to the monitoring station. A monitoring station operator will directly communicate with you, assess the situation and dispatch applicable emergency services or dismiss the alarm due to false alarm status.

  • With a 2 way voice security system you can give the operator a preplanned emergency password instead of your usual false alarm codeword to signify that someone is holding you against your will.
  • The operator can still listen in during the emergency without alerting the intruder to our presence. This allows us to relay to the police exactly what is going on inside the location, which greatly aids the police in handling the emergency.
  • The two-way voice security system can aid people with medical problems who need assistance in a medical emergency.

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